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Math success opens doors to limitless opportunities.  

Many parents, elementary school teachers, and children are intimidated by math, which makes learning a challenge.

That’s why we started the Developing Mathematical Thinking Institute. 

We demonstrate how to teach (and learn) math best, by focusing on key concepts, models, and language. We empower parents, teachers and students to truly understand and like math!

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With schools closing and/or moving to online education, students risk falling behind, by as much as an entire grade level.

It is more important than ever to provide you with the best math learning instruction and activities.

This program has proven to improve results for schools, teachers, and students across the country.


DMT Framework

Learn the 5-part framework to successful math education.

Video Lessons

Hundreds of video lessons on strategies and concepts to strengthen learning.

Targeted Activities

A variety of specific games and activities to reinforce the video lessons.

Predictive Assessment

Identify areas of strength and weakness, then focus on exactly what your child needs.

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  • Access to Pre-K through 6th grade levels
  • Hundreds of video lessons
  • Targeted Activities
  • Recommended Books & Games
  • Live Weekly Seminars with Q&A
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K-6 Complete Math Program

Guaranteed to help your child learn and succeed with math education.

  • Strategies to help fact fluency, flexibility, and number sense
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication & Division
  • Context - story problems
  • Modeling Mathematics
  • Place Value
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Algebraic Reasoning
  • ...and MUCH MORE!

Live weekly Q&A sessions with Math Education Experts.

Specific help for your child every week. We accept questions from parents, answer them and provide demonstrations. All recordings are saved so you can refer back to specific topics.

Paula Henn

What sets DMTI apart is how comprehensive and far reaching the learning happens.

It has been transformative for our administration, teachers, parents and students in our school.

Jessica Dribnak

I have seen so much improvement in my students’ ability to think flexibly and in their development of number sense.

I love that math instruction is heading in this direction and wish so badly it had been taught this way when I was younger.

Wyconda Lewis

They help our children understand why they are doing what they are doing, to be able to understand the strategies they are using conceptually and not just procedurally.

That level of understanding will last forever.


You don't have to be a mathematician to help your child be great with math.

Math has a stigma that prevents students, parents, and teachers from being confident with it. The DMTI program eliminates the stigma, using the 5-part framework to empower educators, parents, and children with the tools to succeed.

Identify EXACTLY where your child needs to focus with our Predictive Assessments

We've spent 20 years and countless resources developing the only assessment tools proven to predict future success in children as young as Kindergarten, and also have built the exact targeted curriculum to help.

These assessments have been used in schools across the US and Canada to help schools increase math scores by 50% or more.  

The assessments are now available to parents, which pairs with targeted activities to find exactly what areas to focus on with your child.  We provide the targeted activities in our video library.

Focus on what matters most.

Most schools teach number and fluency first, however the top predictors of future success are in Spatial Reasoning and Measurement.

Learn the 6 fundamental domains of mathematics that your child can master now and in the correct order.


Jessica D

Now I understand why my children struggled with math for so many years. I never realized before how often I would teach them tricks and gimmicks.

I wish I could have learned this while I was a student!

Stephanie P

Not only did we have fun with the activities and games, I see a real improvement in understanding and confidence.

Definitely the best math education I've seen. It just makes sense how it's taught and learned. 

Julie C

I struggled with fractions when I was a student and never felt comfortable teaching fractions to my kids, but this helped me understand fractions in a much deeper way and my kids are much stronger now!

I definitely recommend DMTI!

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